Rennos, death, and broken teeth part 2

“I love my father and I love him well, I hope to see him someday soon.”

Someday Soon by Alexi Murdoch, such a good song. I feel like him and I would get along well, and I think we’d have some great conversation.

I discovered his album Time Without Consequence randomly by browsing through the British Folk section on an MP3 music site back in 2006. I fell in love immediately. When his next album came out, Toward the Sun, I listened to it all the way through; and it was official…man crush.

Something in his music spoke to me on deep levels. Orange Sky became an immediate favorite. His music gets my mind contemplating faith, death, family, and love. I was surprised how often he made me think of my dad and brother out in California.

It never took much to make me want to go out and see them though. I live on the west side of Flagstaff AZ, and I  take the I-40 west to head home sometimes. So many times I’d feel that urge to just keep on driving and go hang out with Dad and Dan in Cali. Maybe I should have given in more often.

We love going back to California; Disneyland, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Moonlight Beach, Carlsbad State Beach (okay, we like beaches); and did I say Disneyland yet? It’s a lot of fun checking into the Best Western and having the kids run for the pool within minutes of arrival, regardless of the weather; then wake up the next morning for some powdered eggs, mini waffles, over/under cooked sausages, and sugary cereal selections.

As awesome as all of that is, the true joy of the trip would arrive within about a half hour of checking in to the hotel. My dad and/or my brother and my sister in law would show up. That’s the true draw to  drive 500 miles. We’d hug, talk, go out for dinner, then load up on caffeine and play Settlers of Catan until we could hardly keep our eyes open. You had to keep an eye on dad though. He’d always be trying to sneak some extra cards, play his development card twice, or place a city on the board instead of a settlement.

It was always a good time, and my dad was pleasant to be with. He was always up for some coffee and conversation, and he was content to just sit without saying anything and just be together.

It was a few days before Thanksgiving 2015, and my dad was going to drive out and stay a few days with us. He called a couple days prior because he was sick, and thought it would be hard to handle the elevation change. I was bummed because we had just moved into our new place, and I really wanted him to see it; especially since he helped make it possible.

At this point, we were still settling in and unpacking; and we had not yet started any renno work. We were just enjoying the new place, adjusting to the new neighborhood, and just really excited to have our friends and family come share in the experience. I was really excited for dad to come visit, because that would really calm me down in the midst of all this change.

Well, I got a call the day before Thanksgiving from my dad. “I’m on my way”, he said.

He showed up that night, we played some cards, and had some dinner. That night he hardly slept though. He had a hard time breathing, so he decided to drive back home the next morning. He promised me he would go to the doctor when he got home.

He lived with my brother and sister in law, so he still had a good Thanksgiving.

About a couple weeks later we were hanging out in our kitchen with our friend Ben, and we were telling him how we wanted to cut down this kitchen wall to open it up into the living room. Now Ben is a man of action, so he recommended that we just do it… right then. We started removing all the outlets, upper cabinets, oven hood, and started to get crazy with the sawzall. It was pretty awesome, it was the start of our own HGTV experience. Open concept baby!

We had a little housewarming party planned for a few nights later, so we had a very tight deadline to get this little demo/renno finished; which makes for a high stress project!

While we were still taking down the walls, I got a call from dad. Turns out he had a lot of fluid built up in his lungs, and he needed to go into surgery in a few days. So there I was, knee deep in drywall dust; and knee deep in the unknown and uncertainty. We got our 2×12 bar top makeshift countertops screwed down the night before the housewarming party.

“As I dream, I’m falling down. The world moves without a sound. I’m lost as sure as I was found, the sun comes up with out a sound.”

Me and Alexi Murdoch, heading out west to see my pops.

“I love my father and I love him well, I hope to see him someday soon.”

Continued in part three.

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