I was eating my breakfast this morning, french toast medallions, and noticed the steam rising from the teapot on the stove; the same thing was happening with my coffee cup. There was something beautiful about the way the steam swirled and danced into nothing against the morning sunlight coming through the windows.

It was simple… and it was beautiful.

It was one of those moments that could not be captured by photo, my only choice was to embrace the moment. A picture would only freeze that moment in time, without movement; and without context.

The french toast that I had now made four days in a row was good, Beck’s Morning Phase  was playing on the computer, and it was a much needed beautiful moment. It wasn’t the first time I had seen steam rise, neither was it the first time I had french toast, it wasn’t even the first time I heard  Morning Phase; it was a normal thing that was just happening, and for the first time in a while; I found myself able to be in the moment, as simple as it was.

It was a normal thing that was just happening.

As We move forward into the next year, Let’s be mindful of the moment; not forsaking forethought, but not missing the simple beauty that is happening… right… now.

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