Welcome to The Story We Write.

We are a story being written. We are not only a co-author of our life but in the lives of those around us as well. No one is an island. We are all connected, and we all share in each other’s narratives.


I believe that we are always making an impact on the lives around us, whether or not we realize it.

We can be a force for positive impact if we choose to live intentionally through our words, actions, and interactions.

Inspiration is all around us if we choose to look for it, and we can be a force of inspiration if we so choose.

Life is a journey, and through this site, I share what I learn through my journey with you. I believe that a lesson learned should be shared with others, especially when that lesson is learned the hard way!

Thank you for visiting, and please respond to share any posts that leave a positive impact on your life.