A Poem: Flames and Waves

I have some friends on the West coast who had are on standby to evacuate their home due to a nearby wildfire. At that same time, they are evacuating families in the East coast because of a hurricane. Here in between the tragedies, my heart goes out all of those who are affected by these forces of nature. 

Fire in the West
Storms in the East
Delicate is the balance 
That lies in between

Friends are fleeing
As the heat draws near
For those on the coast
The ocean brings fear

What help can be offered?
What aide can be sent,
That can soften the heartache,
That can help defend?

Tragedy strikes swift
In spite of our tact
Though plans we have laid
We still may fall back

Hope is the ally
Hope not despair
Hold onto it tightly 
Though the moment unfair

For the moment’s a moment
Though it may long last
A moment’s a moment
And it will always pass

Stand strong like a tree
In the midst of the flames
Stay true as the sand
In the midst of the waves

For friends in the West
And those is the East
Stay you in the tragedy
For strong you must be

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