From the Wreckage

A poem

Photo from Public Domain

How did I get here?
Floating through the sea on not but a plank
I don’t remember the ship going down
Only a hole here and a hole there

This plank will eventually give like the others
And I’ll need to find another
No land in sight, but it must be near
How did this ship go down?

Sailors are strong
So I should be able to stay afloat for quite a while
But where will that get me?
I’ve spent my life on the sea
Sailed its waters
And the salt spray is the scent of home

With not but a plank
That scent darkens my hopes
Will I arrive at land
Or just run out of planks?

I love the sea
For it is my home
And this plank will not be the end
But a beginning
And plank by plank I will rebuild
For my fate is left to my will

I will sail again
For that is the only option
Plank by plank we will rebuild
For I am not alone
For it would be foolish to sail without a crew

They are out there, somewhere
And we will fortify this ship
To withstand whatever the sea brings
I will repair the holes when they appear
For left unattended, they grow and weaken the ship

From this wreckage, I will build anew
And sail again
For the sea is my home

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