It’s beautiful outside, snow on the trees, its quiet in the house, and it’s 6:00 am on a Saturday.

For some reason, I’m laying in bed latent with energy; my skin almost crawling. This is great when I need to go to work or I have an early morning trail run planned with my friends, but that day is not today. Today is one of our first snows in a while, chilly weather, and it’s a week and a day until Christmas.

I love this time of year.

The holiday décor everywhere you go. Streets lined with Christmas lights, and a hot drink tastes just a little better. We sing songs about the days of old and the hope to come. We sing of Santa, Jesus, Frosty, and Rudolph; we sing of snow, presents under the tree, gatherings of friends and family, and a heightened sense of gratitude and compassion.

No matter where you go, you will find Christmas all around; you merely have to walk into a store, turn on the radio, or listen to that person humming or whistling next to you.

This is a perfect morning to be home with my family. I need this, especially after a busy week. I could get dressed and hit the trails this morning, but I’ve been gone when the kids wake up every other day this week. I want to be here, and I want to be present.

That’s why I am writing right now, I need to train my self to be at rest, to be okay at home. I tend to be on the move a lot. Usually I’m thinking bout what’s going to happen the rest of the day, tomorrow, and even the whole upcoming week. If I’m not careful, my mind can become a mess. I don’t like it when my mind is a mess, because it causes me to miss the good all around me, and the good that I could be doing.

So today I will be intentional.

This moment is a gift. A chance to be at home and write is a gift. Enjoying the sunrise and snow from the comfort of my couch is a gift, and I will be thankful for it.

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