Rantings of a madman


To be or not to be, that is the choice.

What is it to be content? I feel like I haven’t truly lived in contentment for a while. I have practiced thankfulness, but have not truly engraved it in my soul yet.

As we have added more stuff and more responsibility to our life, I have felt more weighed down than content.

I truly desire simplicity because I believe that in simplicity there is clarity, and in clarity there is contentment. I believe that a simple path can be blazed through complexity; because a complex life can also be beautiful if it is trekked with focus and gratefulness.

I don’t desire a life void of responsibility, neither do I want a life void of stuff; but I do want to learn how to live inspired and focused.

I long to enter each day in patience not tolerance, focus rather than anxiety.

I do need to learn to laugh at myself, instead of clinging to each failure as if it defines who I am. Move forward.

Establish goals, define what’s important now to achieve those goals. 

Life is huge right now. There is a lot in the air, a lot in the mix, and a lot to be done. It’s a privilege to have so much opportunity in life.

How will I treat my wife and kids with kindness? Perhaps it starts with searching for the opportunities. In a moment of failure or mistake, seize that opportunity to uplift and encourage. In a moment of success or personal victory, join in that celebration; no matter how small.

There is so much room in my life and character to grow, so I must accept and embrace that.

Steadfastness. Contentment. Love and kindness.

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