Take a moment


That’s what I tell myself as I wake up in a restless state this morning.

Just breathe.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds, because my mind is already indexing projects that should be completed; and planning out the day ahead. The only problem is that it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, I got no work today, and the plan was to enjoy a day off with the family.


Do I have the power of mind to just chill for a while this morning? Sit back, drink some coffee, and go with the flow as the family wakes up. Perhaps see what they  would like to do today, and until they do wake up; dig until I find peace.

Just Chill.

I’m a morning person in the sense that I don’t sleep in much past 7:00 on the weekends, and I’m up at the butt crack o’ dawn during the work week. I’ve been working hard this year on utilizing my morning mind, which is the time during our fist waking hour when our mind is most free and creative. I’ve read a lot of articles this past year about the significance of our morning routines, and the power of our minds.


Well, it’s blog time again. This has helped me in so many ways this past year. Even now, as I type away; I find my heart slowing, and my mind calming. As the sun continues to rise, I have managed to stay on the couch with a cup of coffee and my computer; finding a simple joy in this moment.


I will take away a lesson from this morning. Perhaps an initial restlessness does not signify unbalance, but rather, a signal to dig deep until a purpose is uncovered. It does not matter whether this purpose, or it’s impact, is small or large; because if it’s there, it must be brought to light.

Breathe. Chill. Create. Learn.

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