Fear “Less”

Self realization can be a bittersweet experience.

On one hand, we find peace in a revelation of a purpose unveiled, or a new found perspective on life. On the other hand; we can be met with sadness or pain at the realization of a character flaw, opportunities missed, or various forms of regret. In my experience, both sides of self realization are necessary to bring a fullness of life.

I have been doing some serious soul searching this past year, and I have had to come to grips with certain aspects of who I am, and what I’ve done (or haven’t done). It takes a toll, but it’s worth it to truly live. Whether through reading, writing, meditations, conversations, running, and the like; a new way of approaching life has been revealing itself to me. 

I found a form of this self realization a couple weeks go in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Now this wasn’t my first trip south of the border, but it was only the second time we had gone since we had kids. Over this past decade, I have let the news of kidnapping, drug cartels, and human trafficking detour me from venturing into Mexico. I ascribed these isolated crimes to the whole of Mexico because I didn’t know any better; and this was a decision based  on fear of the unknown.

What I discovered on this trip, was a city welcoming us with open arms. I saw families joining together in community. I experienced great patience from our Mexican brothers  and sisters as I fumbled through broken spanglish and failed attempts at “sign language”.

I found a new perspective, and my world just got a whole lot bigger.

Each day we decide who we are going to be, and the choices we make matter.

Do our choices align with our goals?

I long for love and adventure. I long to be a strong father, spouse, and friend. I long to be a skilled musician. I want to be out on the trails. All of these are attainable if I live more fearless.

There is a line we walk between fear and trust, may we trust that the struggle is worth it. “Hedge our lives towards what could go right instead of what could go wrong.” (That was a quote from my friend Eric Hanson; and if you like that quote, check him out at erichanson.tv)

Perhaps approaching life like this will open doors to adventure, impact, and a heart full and alive.

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