It takes time

So here is what I want to explore in this post: Developing character takes time, perseverance, and dedication.

If you have readthe Dark Roast Dawns blog before, then you already know that I am someone who is hungry for purpose and meaning in life. I expect more from myself than anyone else, and I believe that every day we are deciding who we are. My mind, heart, and soul have been caught up in a whirlwind for quite some time now.

As someone who enjoys a good movie, The Greatest Showman is a movie that has struck a chord inside of me. Discontentment and dissatisfaction had driven PT Barnum to rock bottom. The people that mattered most in his life became more distant as he pursued self ambition. He had wanted so badly to prove himself to himself, that he ended up alone. The song From Now On towards the end highlights the timeless tale of finding that everything you ever wanted was right in front of you.

The decision to come back home takes but a second; the journey to get there on the other hand will require endurance and perseverance.

That’s where I find myself today.

The declaration of contentment is nothing more than words until action follows.

Two words are helping me move forward from the past and regrets: Kindness and forgiveness. Both of these virtues need to be put in place towards myself to effectively put them into practice with others

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