The Power of a Child

Do you ever pray?

As far back as I can remember, prayer has been in my life. Over the past few years though, I have been rethinking prayer. I have not been questioning the reality of prayer, or if it is of worth, but rather, I have been thinking about my personal interaction and responsibility in the matter. As in all things we do, I believe in intentionality; and when it comes to matters of faith and belief systems, we must seek to understand.

There were times in my life that I had felt a true connection to God in times of prayer, times when my mind and heart were one, and something happened that transcended my understanding of reality. That being said, there have been many times where the words I spoke felt just like, well words I guess. However empty or forced a prayer has felt at times, there is a time when prayer takes on power for me.

I had to head out to work the other morning, and just wanted to see my youngest daughter before I left. She was still asleep, so I just sat next to her on her bed and put my arm around her. In that moment, I was drawn into prayer. I wasn’t intending to go pray for my daughter; I just wanted see her, but there was this longing to send her off with a blessing, or somehow speak to her even in her sleep.

The words I prayed were not very eloquent, nor was it a lengthy prayer; it was simple, and yet, it felt so impactful and real. My daughter had somehow drawn me into a spiritual moment, and she wasn’t even awake. In that moment I had felt a connection to God through prayer that I had not felt in quite some time. There was a need that I did not realize was needed, and it was met.

I have always believed that I am loved by God, but in that time of prayer I felt how much God loves my daughter. My little girl affects me in ways that are beyond words at times, and it seemed fitting that she would be the one to connect me to God. I experienced how to love through the love that has been given to me.

This experience got me thinking about living and thinking through the lens of serving others. I love my daughters so deeply, and that it was what drew me to God. Who or what do you love?  Perhaps the best way to connect to something greater than ourselves is to care for someone or something beyond ourselves, and in this, we may find a glimpse of our purpose.

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