A Burrito Under the Stars

Some years back, I got home from work around midnight and decided to spend some time outside before I went to bed. There were two things that made that night stand out to me: one, there was a meteor shower taking place; and two, my wife had made these amazing burritos. It was truly awe inspiring…the meteor shower was pretty cool too.

Have you ever experienced a meteor shower? Every minute or so, you will see a streak of light blast across the sky. We actually see these more than we know, we just refer to them as shooting stars.

I live in a mountain town where the stargazing is abundant. All year round we can see constellations, the milky way, and no shortage of shooting stars. I’ve spent many nights staring off into that dark void punctured by millions of brilliant little lights. Those stars ask so many questions without saying a word. The beauty they bring into the darkness of night, create what I would consider a contrast between two worlds.

I’m here, feet on the ground, in the midst of whatever life is doing at the moment. Yet when I look up, I connect to something greater than me; something beyond me. The stars are there every night, but I take them for granted at times.

It is quite a gift to see a shooting star, even if it’s only one. That night with the burrito was an amazing night. It was like the sky was speaking to my soul with each passing meteor. I never want to lose the wonder of looking up.

For me, these moments of introspection and insight from the stars are available every night. Every shooting star is a gift; I must remember that.

What are the shooting stars in your life? What is the beauty taking place daily right before you that you need to be reminded of? Whether you need to look up or look around, there is something special waiting for you.


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