Know Thyself

Align decisions with values for an impactful life

Know thyself.

We are on a constant journey for meaning, and until we establish some foundation of who we are, we will continue to search for anything that creates a spark inside of our hearts. This foundation is necessary for building a life that moves toward a legacy, and legacy will continue to impact after we have passed on to the next life.

What energizes you?

Maybe this foundation still needs to be established in your life, or maybe it has crumbled in some way and is being rebuilt if so, discovering what ignites you is the number one priority. So what are some of those things that light you up? What makes you feel energized?

What I am asking for here are the intrinsic values that bring you joy. These are the things that are important to you as an end in themselves, not because of what you get out of it.* Writing, playing guitar and piano, and hiking are some of the intrinsic values I must embrace in life to maintain a sense of who I am.

Look and Listen

Keep an eye out for opportunities that align with those energizing values. Watch movies that feed that inspiration or go to events with people of similar interests. Listen for opportunities when you are speaking with people. Offer a helping hand when someone is working on a project that falls in your scope of interest.

Seize the moment

Jump on it. When an opportunity arises, follow your heart and don’t ask too many questions. Sometimes, we can rationalize ourselves out of taking necessary risks. I have personally been the victim of overthinking and regret, and I had finally had enough. No more shoulding as they say, instead, more doing. 

Together is how we roll

Finding meaning in our lives is important, so we don’t have to do it alone. Find someone to join you in the journey of self-realization, and ask them to join you and the journey, or ask to join them on theirs. I have overcome some great fears this past year, and they were done side by side with someone I trust. Whether it is an adventure, music, writing, or leaving something behind, it is good to have a helping hand along the way.

Know thyself, because you need it, I need it, and everyone else will keep the benefits.

*This description of intrinsic values was taken from the book Lost Connections by Johann Hari

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