Ease into the New World

Identify and remember what has been learned during this pandemic.

beautiful blue dawn evening

Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

Tonight the moon is full and bright and combined with the warm nights, it feels as if one could forgo sleep and ride the energy of the light. That happened to me the other night as the moon was almost full. Though I wanted to sleep, it did not come easily and came only for moments.

I set up a hammock in our back yard and just laid there under the silvery orb that lit the night sky. I just laid there, because I was too tired to actually do anything but too restless of mind to sleep. There were no great epiphanies that night, but the next day did bring a sense of peace. It was an act of doing nothing of importance, other than spending time under the night sky, that somehow held value. 

During these last two months, there have been some times like this that all of us have had to experience I’m sure. With minimized human contact, businesses closed, attractions closed, and a stealth-like virus making its way through the global population, there have been times when we have just had to be.

Whatever we have grown used to, or accepted over this time though will have to be evaluated as the doors to society begins to open up again. This time has served as a teacher, we have had to develop our ability to accept what is, as well as embrace simplicity. We have all had to look for the good that is already in our lives and within our proximity and embrace it. I hope that each of us has found something of value in that space.

So as we ease back into this new world, let us challenge ourselves to hold onto what we have learned. It will be necessary for us to filter all that is available to us once we move back toward a level of the social norm. If you have found peace and solitude in this time of separation, protect time for that solitude once social distancing guidelines have been lifted. If you have realized that there are people in your life that you have missed more than others during this time, reach out to them.

Let us together be mindful of what we allow into our lives, as well as what we pursue as we move forward into this new world.


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