Converse With Care

The state of our nation has become an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed a little more often as of late. That being said, we may end up engaging friends and family in new levels of conversations that we would typically steer clear of, or would not have come up organically.

Whether it’s discussing faith, climate change, gun control, or systemic racism (you know, real lighthearted stuff), we must be keen and attuned to the state of our hearts and the hearts of our partners in conversation. We will not always find agreement, on the contrary, we may discover fundamental differences in our beliefs and views about the world around us. In that discovery though, our compassion and empathy must increase.

This empathy and compassion allow us to hear someone else’s point of view while maintaining a spirit of love toward them; extending grace to the person across from us as well as allowing grace for ourselves.

Does that mean we shouldn’t question someone’s stance on an issue, or try to influence their decisions? No, but it does require us to be aware of the potential depth of the impact these conversations could have. This awareness will give us the ability to not only converse but connect. Intellect meets intimacy in this state, in the sense that we invite our hearts to connect along with our minds.

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