Focused Energy

Aligning decisions with purpose

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We live in a world of options, and decision fatigue can settle in very quickly if we do not have some preset values or priorities to help us make quality choices quickly, or make choices with confidence at the least. Quality choices spring us forward on the path of our purpose.

I know people who have a way of making seemingly confident decisions; whether it is relationally, vocationally, monetarily, or creatively. They spend money intentionally, gain knowledge intentionally, and their creative ventures align with an overall purpose; the energy is focused.

When I asked one friend how they maintain this focused momentum, they nodded to defining their values as the key to success. Once our values are defined, we can make decisions with clarity and a level of confidence. We will not always make the best decisions, but we can make decisions that reflect who we are and who we are working to become. 

We are always spending energy, and we all know when that energy has been invested or wasted. I’ve had days where I feel that I accomplished a week’s worth of work, and I’ve also had days that seemed to have slipped by with seemingly nothing to show for it. The more we learn to define what we are working toward in life, the easier it is to recognize where to focus our energy.

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