This Winter Solstice

Photo by stein egil liland on

Not only did daylight diminish more hastily than it typically does, but the day itself had a solemn cloud covering which muted the sun for the duration of daytime we lived. It felt peaceful. Even our puppy, Meadow, slept more often than she did the day before.

There was an almost mystical character to the night as the stars twinkled in what I could only describe as diamonds in the sky, to steal a phrase. Slight whisps of clouds were brush strokes against the deep midnight blue canvas, which faded as it the full moon rose high above.

Brightness filled the darkness, as the silver moon reflected off of the remnants of snow patches scattered throughout the yard. This night, which is not very different than other winter nights in this town, impacted me in a way unlike the other nights. Where there have been many nights that I, along with many others, have gazed into the stars looking for answers or longing for some sort of relief from the weightedness of heart and mind that makes it way into our lives at times; this night beckoned me to come and gaze with the promise of peace.

Peace is a gift. It is the reward for a task completed, and a prize for those who seek it, yet it can be seem elusive at times. I have spent many nights in search of peace, not realizing that it was already with me. This winter solstice though, beckoned into the mystical painted night, I walked out into peace from a place of peace; and that was a relief to the soul.

So here we are. In the reflection of last night, I want to encourage you in the way of peace. The carols and hymns that ring through the streets, stores, and homes this season bring with them the theme of peace; for that is a gift of this season I believe. Many gifts of the heart such as courage, peace, joy, and hope rarely remove us from our circumstances, but they change us from the inside out.

As you walk through your day, seek peace, and when you find it, may it carry you through the night.

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