Expectations and the Perfectionist

The Straight lines are never straight enough.
So much toil, so much time, yet I’m left unsatisfied.

Thoughts like these haunt the perfectionist, and they will steal the beauty and enjoyment from the moments that make up our life. We enter into a project, an adventure, a relationship, a task, or even just a drawing; and in the end, the process is forgotten and the end result becomes all consuming. What is this clearly unclear vision in my mind?

What is perfect?
The expectation that cannot be defined
The picture painted in our mind
Of how things should be
Yet we cannot perfectly describe it

The unspoken expectation is that we desire to be a prodigy in all things, expecting that the becoming immediately follows the beginning; yet that is not always the case. It may never be the case. Instead, If we pursue life with passion, with commitment, and with patience, we can achieve greatness.

The process is needed for the end product
The end product is why we enter into the process
They are connected
Together they make sense
Together we find satisfaction in achievement




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