Seize Your Inspiration

We had a major snow storm the night of Thanksgiving, and woke up the next morning to a beautiful sight. I was the first one awake in our house, so I brewed some coffee and took a seat on our couch next to the window. My youngest daughter got up and joined me for some morning snuggles, and together we were soaking up the serenity that the morning had to offer. This was a good amount of snow, and a great time to have it. The day after Thanksgiving is such a gift; no school, no work, and no reason to get up and rush out of the house.

After about only five minutes of settling into this gift of a day, our house guests let us know that they needed to leave for the day, which was code for shovel us out of here. Curses! So much for the slow, no reason to go anywhere vibe I was going for, but duty calls. After about an hour and a half, my wife and I had all of the snow removed from our property so that our guests could leave.

The snow kept on falling that day, and I found myself out there again not too much later to try and stay on top of it. While I was shoveling our stairs for the second time that day, I suddenly stopped and stood up straight, and the writer in me spoke up: What am I doing? This snow is a gift to be embraced, not some nuisance that needs to be removed. It was time to reframe the moment, and reclaim the day.

If I were to choose an ideal creative space for writing, the scene would absolutely involve a cozy house with a fireplace, frosted windowpanes, and enough snow on the ground to make it ridiculous to leave your house unless you had a medical emergency or ran out of coffee. You know what, that time was now!

Carpe Diem, seize your divine moment, or in my case seize your inspiration! I was able to get some writing done, some good family hang time, and later on, even some outdoor fun. It’s the times like this that I want to be more aware of. If you are like me, we fight this tendency to be dutiful at all times, and need to come up with a new definition of value added time. Inspiration is all around, it’s in the sky, it’s in our children, and sometimes, even in the snow.


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