Scripting the Narrative of Today

Write your way into the day

Today is the page and I am the pen, what story will be written?

Today started with a request to open my eyes, not as in waking to greet the day, but rather waking to meet the world. Some days wear a veil, eyes open, but nothing seems clear. Slowly, my worldview narrows if I am not intentional about opening it up. Eventually, my focus moves from others to myself, and even my well-intentioned actions serve my own needs.

Helping others feels good, it feels right, so there will always be a touch of personal fulfillment in an act of service.

The line that is walked between serving others and serving ourselves is thick. The risk of negative impact on others is minor concerning service. If the world defaulted to looking out for the good of others, whether the motives are selfish or selfless, the world would be better. That being said, our greatest impact springs forth from an empathetic heart.

My story

The balance between joy and sadness has been prominent in my life as of late. I would say that far too many times, sadness has taken the wheel when joy is what matched the circumstances of life. There has been a fair amount of grieving over the past few years, and though that was a necessary part of my life, it should not define my life.

Joy comes from the deep within the heart, and the words of others can only provide so much support for that joy. I lost dad a few years ago, and with that, I lost a major voice of encouragement in my life. I did not realize how much I relied on his words for my self worth and confidence until he was gone.

I had also been someone who could smile my way through most situations. I could maintain the appearance of “it’s all good” regardless of the darkness or sadness tucked away inside. I took a major fall that same year and lost a couple of teeth and broke 7 more, and that smile that could hide so much was now unavailable. I was forced to face who I had become.

Over the years leading up to these events, I had slowly moved from having deep confidence based on something greater than myself, to expecting others to provide that sense of worth. My focus had shifted to myself, and with that came a narrowed perspective on life. Though I would rather have my dad with me and my original teeth in my mouth, there was a gift embedded within that grief.

Today’s story

So what is scripted in the story of today? I hope that there will be little bits of adventure and opportunities for honor. I hope that there will be merry meetings with friends, and conversations sprinkled with sincerity and laughter. Though sadness will not be absent from life, may it be reserved for that in the world which needs us to feel sadness to take action. Ultimately, I am called to develop a greater outward perspective with inward improvement.

What will you pen on the pages of today? I hope that your pages will be filled with substance and that you find opportunities to nurture that which gives you deep roots. May hope and joy fill your days, and may your narrative align with who you want to be. 

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